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Stainless Steel Industries

  • Oil and gas: ExxonMobil, Saudi Aramco, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, Total, ConocoPhillips
  • Petrol-Chemical: Chevron Phillips Chemical, BP, Shell Chemicals Total Petrochemicals USA, k-Dow Petrochemicals
  • Process Refinery: TriStar Global Energy, Veolia, Phillips 66, Honeywell
  • Power Generation: G.E., Babcock and Wilcox, Potts Welding, Helfrich Brothers, Foster Wheeler, Chanute Manufacturing, Babcock Power
  • Chemical: Dow Chemical Company, ExxonMobil, Formosa Plastics, Mitsubishi Chemical, Huntsman
  • Agricultural Fertilizer: Mosaic, PotashCorp,
  • Automotive: Toyota, Volkswagen Group, General Motors
  • Food processing: Kraft Foods, Inc, Pepsico Inc., Nestle USA, Bimbo Bakeries USA, Smithfield Foods, Inc

Aluminum Industries

  • Aerospace Fasteners: PCC, SPS, Arconic, Lisi Aerospace
  • Aerospace Seating: Recaro, BE Aerospace, Zodiac, Encore, Martin Baker
  • Medical: Sunrise Medical, Invacare, Invamex, TopEnd, J Sterling
  • Sporting Good: Wilson Baseball Bat, DiMarini
  • Custom Extrusions: Hurst, Hard Alloys high limit KSI, Custom Temper Tubing for better elongation and fine grain